Professional Excavation and Land Development

Commercial Excavation Services:
We provide affordable excavation services for building pads, parking lots, retaining walls, installing meter pits, sanitary and storm sewers, water lines, dirt hauling, rock hauling, sidewalks, curbs, on-site crushing and fire investigations. Our private-sector clients have trusted us to lay the ground work for their subdivisions, banks, retirement villages, office parks, restaurants, shopping centers, and industrial parks.

Land Redevelopment Services:
Cleanup and debris removal is often needed before new construction can begin for a building, barn, home, subdivision or new development can be redesigned, which includes capping utilities and water lines, debris removal, rock removal, dirt hauling plus filling and grading large holes after the removal of basements or declining foundations from age that are not up to code.

Residential Excavation Services:
We specialize in digging basements, driveways, building new ponds, cleaning and clearing existing ponds, building pads for barns, cement pads, culverts, tree and brush clearing. We also haul dirt and rock to your location for back fill, and also to add to existing driveways.


Commercial Excavation Projects

  • Family Video New Site Excavation Project
    Family Video
    We built the Family Video store located in Olathe, Ks. We constructed the building pad, parking lot and excavated for retaining walls. We also did all the site utilities, including storm sewer, sanitary sewer and...
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Land Redevelopment

  • Taylor Forge House Demolition
    Taylor Forge 2 house Demo in Paola, Ks
    We received a call from Taylor Forge to remove an existing barn and driveway on a property in Paola, Ks. We disconnected the utilities and removed all the debris. A few months later we received...
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Residential Excavation Projects

  • Robert Long Pond Excavation Project
    Robert Long Pond, Building Pad and Driveway
    We received a call to review an empty piece of property and excavate for a building pad for the barn, driveway, clean out pond and add rip rap. We were able to construct all this...
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