Land Development

Last but not least, Bruce Stahl Excavating, Inc. provides professional land redevelopment services that include materials and debris removal of concrete foundations, houses, barns and older structures which also includes the capping utilities and water lines, hauling off old materials, filling and grading large holes after removal of basements or existing foundations.

Redevelopment Projects

  • Taylor Forge House Demolition
    Taylor Forge 2 house Demo in Paola, Ks
    We received a call from Taylor Forge to remove an existing barn and driveway on a property in Paola, Ks. We disconnected the utilities and removed all the debris. A few months later we received...
  • house-fire-demolition
    House Fire Demolition
    We received a call from the owner to give us a price to demolition the house located in the city of Parker, Ks because the City needed it cleaned up. We priced the demo, and...
  • fairfield-inn
    Fairfield Inn Excavation
    The Fairfield Inn Excavating Project needs a paragraph about details of the project, services rendered, equipment used, time frame turnaround, challenges, pictures, client testimonial, receommendation, referral, etc....
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